Cat Head Press

Printshop and Artist Cooperative

Open Studio 

Artists are be able to pay for studio time at Cat Head Press. Artists must take a workshop to be certified to use particular equipment and spaces in the print shop for open studio hours. Experienced printmakers may bypass the workshops for certification, but will have to set up an individual appointment to demonstrate proficiency and knowledge in the area they would like to utilize.

Equipment and space for open studio time will include:

  • Screen printing area and access to screens, exposure unit, emulsion, ink, printing tables, and printer for stencils up to 11x17"
  • Lithography presses and equipment, space for processing plates, access to chemicals for aluminum plate lithography, and ink.
  • Etching press for intaglio, monotype and relief printmaking. Access to inks and inking area

Open studio times will occur during open hours whenever a workshop is not taking place. If you are already certified just come in during open hours. Email if you are interested in setting up an appointment to be certified to use the printshop.  

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Daily Studio rate:

Daily rate for open studio use is $25

 MONTHLY studio rate: 

 $60 for 6 days of open studio use in a months period during open studio hours.  (no rollover)


Open Studio Hours:

Saturday  10:00am-6:00pm

Sunday    10:00am-6:00pm

Opening Reception: “Sub Prime” new work by erin k drew and kyle herrington

Friday, january 11th 7-10pm

Join us for the opening reception of an exhibition of new artwork by artists Erin K Drew and Kyle Herrington.

Sub Prime features work unified by collage techniques in multiple mediums, low brow iconography and a darkly humorous sensibility.

Erin K Drew is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and organizer. 
She gets a big kick out of forcing connections between images and forging connections between people. Projects include Putty: a live art talk show, Powertrip, Cartoon Research Lab and Difficult Women performance series.
She likes to “laff”

Kyle Herrington is an artist and curator living in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently serves as the Director of Exhibitions and Events at the Indianapolis Art Center. Through mixed media objects and paintings, Kyle’s current work explores marginalized notions of pop culture, queer camp, identity, and the LGBT landscape.