Our Mission

Cat Head Press is an Indianapolis not-for-profit community center and fine art printmaking studio located on the Near Eastside, Englewood neighborhood. Our primary mission is to enrich and increase the well being of our community through investments in creativity and artistic expression. CHP provides area artists and the neighboring community a place to work, connect, collaborate, and share ideas.

Our history

Cat Head Press was founded in 2016 by Dominic Senibaldi, Liz Wierzbicki, Michael Hoefle, and Marna Shopoff. All the founders attended the Herron School of Art and Design for graduate school, all receiving their MFA's between 2013 and 2014. Dominic, Liz, and Michael are all transplants to Indianapolis, moving to the city for graduate school. Bringing perspectives and experiences from different parts of the country, they decided in 2015 to begin work to open Cat Head Press. As ideas solidified the founders received tremendous support form advisors and funders, allowing the doors to open in the summer of 2016. Since then Dominic Senibaldi has filled the role of Executive Director and Liz Wierzbicki as Program Director. Michael Hoefle and Marna Shopoff have since filled roles on the Board. Cat Head Press continues to grow and expand, offering more to the community and the art scene in the form of education, services to artists, printing services for small businesses and organizations, a contemporary gallery space, and ample opportunities for community engagement and partnership.