Facilities and Equipment


Screen Printing

Cat Head Press is equipped with a fully functional screen printing shop. Equipment and tools include:

  • Large work tables with hinges for screens

  • Large exposure unit with a 35”x48” exposure area

  • Wash out booth and large sink

  • large selection of squeegees and scoop coaters

  • 4 color 1 station garment press

  • 1 color 1 station garment press

  • Large supply of Speedball Acrylic Based Screen Printing Inks

relief and intaglio

Cat Head Press is equipped for a variety of relief, intaglio, and monotype processes. Equipment and tools include:

  • Modern Tackach Etching press with 24”x36” press bed and 7.5” drum

  • Charles Brand Etching Press with a 30”x50” press bed

  • Small ferric chloride etching bath

  • Supply of Hanco and Gamblin Inks for Relief, Monotype, and Intaglio processes