Private Lessons

Do you want to learn a specific printmaking process? Does the Intro to Screen Printing workshop not work with your schedule but you still want to learn how to screen print and be certified to use the shop? Did you take the beginning workshop and are now ready to master printing more complicated projects like that line of shirt designs you created?  Then consider taking a private lesson with Director, Liz Wierzbicki. Private lessons are $40/hour per person and can be completely customized to an individual’s needs. Email with questions and to schedule a lesson.

Possible Private Lessons:

Use the 4 color screen printing carousel rig to print multiple colors on shirts, totes and more! While the Introduction to Screen Printing workshop gets you comfortable with the basics of screen printing, it does not cover how to use the 4 color station equipment that is available for use during open studio. Take a private lesson to learn how to take advantage of this equipment and perfect printing multiple colors on fabrics. Must already know the screen printing process before taking this lesson. Lessons can be 1-3 hours depending on individual need.

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Want to learn how to use Photoshop to prepare digital images for the screen printing process? Learn about CMYK, Greyscale, Bitmap, Duotone and how to separate an image into multiple layers as well as adjust images to create high-contrast black and white imagery that can be screen printed from both digital imagery and scanned drawings. These skills can drastically improve your stencil qualities and open up more possibilities of images for your screen printing needs. This lesson is 1-2 hours and requires the individual to have Photoshop along with an understanding of the basics of screen printing.

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Our shop is also outfitted for relief, intaglio and monotype printmaking processes. Would you like to learn how to create woodcut prints, linoleum cut prints, solarplate prints and/or monotype prints? Take a private lesson to learn how to master any of these techniques and become certified to use the etching press during open hours. These printmaking methods are also fun to layer with screen prints to create more variety and complexity within your artwork.